Study Active Certificate (SAC)


The SAC is a certificate that is provided to students who have made an effort for the study association (Leidsche Pharmaceutische Studenten-Vereeniging „Aesculapius”), the Koninklijke Nederlandse Pharmaceutische Studenten Vereniging (K.N.P.S.V.), the Faculty of Science, the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR) and/or the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC). The SAC can be obtained by all students of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy. Participation is completely voluntarily and free of obligations. The SAC is not a part of your official diploma, but a useful addition to your résumé.

You can obtain the SAC by o.a. participating in a committee, becoming a board member and/or attending congresses, symposia and excursions or other activities. You can earn points for each activity and the accreditation for each activity can be found here. The student has to keep track of their own points and has to inform the board of „Aesculapius” that they want to obtain the certificate. You need to obtain at least 23 points for the certificate.

Committees and board memberships are registered by the board of „Aesculapius”, but students has to keep track of other activities themselves. It is a requisite that the activity has to be attended fully before you earn points. By registering before and after the activity has started/ended, there will be kept track of the participants and their SAC points. Members of a committee do not get points for attending activities that they organise themselves and when someone leaves a committee prematurely, no points will be awarded. To be granted points for continuous committees, like the Photo Committee and the SQ-linair Editorial Committee, you need to participate for at least half a year and you can get points for a maximum of two years. When you are a candidate boardmember, you do not get any points for attended activities from the moment you are unveiled as candidate. You will get points for your complete year as boardmember, but not for each single attended activity. The SAC-points will be granted according to the accreditation that was applied during the time that the activity took place or the committee was appointed.

When the student has obtained 23 points, you need to request your certificate at the „Aesculapius” board. The certificate will be granted during the graduation ceremony of your bachelor’s or your master’s degree. You need to request your certificate at least 3 weeks before your graduation.

If you have any questions, you can email to or you can find us in our board room.

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