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Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences

The study Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences (BPS) consists of a three years bachelors programme and a two years master’s programme. The study programme transpires at the Faculty of Science of the Leiden University.

The programme results from the study Pharmacy in Leiden. The study Pharmacy was terminated in 1984 and the study Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences took its place.

The goal of the study programme is to obtain knowledge on the development of drugs in broad context. The programme focusses on the whole development, from synthesis of an active compound to treating patients.

To acquire knowledge of such a broad spectrum, courses with different features are taught. Examples are Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Anatomy, Statistics, Systems Pharmacology and Bio-organic Synthesis. Some courses are taught in collaboration with Life Science & Technology (LST) and Molecular Science & Technology (MST). Besides theoretical courses, practical courses are also part of the curriculum. Because of this combination of courses, the study programme is quite intensive. The Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences student spends around 40 hours a week on studying.

The Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research (LACDR) takes care of a great part of the study programme. Internships and practical courses are also organizes by the departments. Internships allow students to get a view of current research and practical skills that are needed.

The study BPS is growing. Years ago, we welcomed around 30 students each year. Last year, this number has risen to 280 students. This does not mean that you don’t know your fellow students: during practical courses and in working groups, you get to meet a lot of students personally.

More information about BPS can be found here and here.


Since 2016 the study Pharmacy is back again in Leiden. This study is a master’s programme and takes place under two different associations: our association and the M.F.L.S. The master’s programme has a duration of three years and can be followed if you have finished your bachelor degree in Utrecht or Groningen or if you have followed and succeeded the minor “Farmacie” in the third year of the bachelor BPS.

The purpose of the master is to train the students to be pharmaceutical care providers who have knowledge of both product and patient care. The study is divided into different medical themes, for example ‘Infectious Diseases’ or ‘The Elderly’. Within a theme, the theory will be discussed first and thereafter the students will go into a pharmacy for their internship. In this way, the student can apply their knowledge directly in different kinds of pharmacies (both community and hospital). Nowadays pharmacists are more and more seen as healthcare providers and therefor cooperation with physicians is of great importance. This is a topic that also will be discussed during this master’s programme.

The LACDR and the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) regulate this master. Lucia Creveld is the study advisor and dr. M. Mulder is the officer of education.

In 2016 the master started with 25 students and this year we welcomed 50 new students. 

More information can be found on this website and Facebook .


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