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The Leidsche Pharmaceutische Studenten-Vereeniging (Leiden Pharmaceutical Students’ Association) „Aesculapius” has got about a thousand members, a number that is continuously growing each year. The degree in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences is getting more popular and this is expected to pursue the coming years with the realization of the new Bèta Campus in the near future. In 2015, Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences was ranked #9 in the QS World University Rankings. 

Does your company want to be involved with „Aesculapius” and thus creating awareness within our association? This is possible in many different ways. 

  • By having an advertisement in the magazine of our association (SQ-linair), with a circulation of around 1000, five times a year. Furthermore we have an annual magazine for our alumni and programmes for various activities and symposia. 

  • By having a digital advertisement on our website and/or the Internship & Job Board. It is also possible to have a message in the news section on the homepage. 

  • By giving a lecture for our members. Each year we organize about 5 lunch lectures. Of course your company can also participate in symposia.  

  • Have a stand or give a workshop at our Career Day! This day is organized  to give our students insight in their future job perspectives. More information can be found under the heading ‘Companies -> Career Day’. 

  • By contributing to our Foreign Excursion. This excursion is organized to give bachelor students in their last phase insights in how pharmaceutical research, industry and education is organized abroad. Our students visit multiple companies (big pharma, start-ups), institutes and universities and also a culture day will be organized. For more information about this excursion you can contact the commissioner external affairs, Silke van Reeuwijk, via assessor1@aesculapius.nl.

  • It is also possible to hand out promotional material/merchandise in different ways, for example in a goodie bag (for symposia, the formal ball or other activities) or by spreading posters or flyers.

These are just a few of the opportunities, there are many other possibilities. It is also possible to combine multiple of the options above into a sponsorship deal. We are open to new ideas! 

If you wish to get more information about the sponsorship opportunities or about the various activities, you can always contact the treasurer of the association, Rebecca Ultee, via quaestor@aesculapius.nl

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