„Aesculapius” organises tutoring sessions for students of BFW for the subjects Organic Chemistry 1 & 2, Statistics 1 & 2 and Calculus are included in the tutoring programme.

Tutoring sessions
Currently, support for difficult subjects is offered by the in the form of tutoring sessions. During a tutoring session, extra preparation is offered to a small group of students just before an exam. The sessions are given for a small financial fee. However, one is expected to be well prepared themselves before the tutoring session begins. Keep an eye on the weekly mail, website and facebook for more information and dates.

Private tutoring
To complement these tutoring sessions, tutoring is also offered. Students can be tutored individually or in pairs during a subject by a senior student, with the aim of passing the subject in question. The student who will provide the tutoring must have achieved a 7.5 or higher for the subject. Importantly, the tutoring will only be open to students who are members of the L.P.S.V. „Aesculapius”. The tutoring will cost 10.00 euro per hour and will normally take place at the Gorleaus Laboratories in Leiden. Upon special request, an exception can be made to this in agreement with both parties.

For more information and conditions click here. To sign up for the tutoring platform to give or receive tutoring, click here!


Would you like more information about giving/getting tutoring, would you like to receive tutoring for OC1 or 2, Statistics 1 or 2 or Calculus or are you interested in tutoring a fellow student? Then email assessor2@aesculapius.nl.

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