Student Representatives

The Year Representatives (YR) of BPS are founded in the study year 2022/2023. The YR includes a group of maximum 8 master students of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences. The YR main function is consulting with the Educational Committee about the different courses, schedules, teachers etc. The YR are in function to support the students opinions.  

Every YR is accompanied by the master student member of the Educational Committee. Once a month, meetings are scheduled in order to discuss issues and evaluations that arise. A new YR is appointed after the new Educational Committee is installed.

When someone has a complaint about the educational program, the schedules or a test; The YR can help you out.

Year representatives year 1:
- none

Year representatives year 2:
- none

Year representatives year 3:
- Fleur Koutstaal
- Sherien Ramdjielal
- Stein Trommel
- Danique Banken
- Mohamed Salki
- Ruben Zaal

Year representatives master BPS:
- Benthe Smit
- Rosalie Drinkwaard
- Jessica Hoang
- Cheria Lin
- Jasper Ooms

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