Welcome on the internship part of the Internship and Job Board of L.P.S.V. „Aescualpius”. On this page, you will find companies that offer internships to students of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences. If you are interested in an internship at one of these institutes/companies, you can contact them right away.


Wanted: Students for the Study Programma Committee and the Student Representatives!

For the academic year 2018-2019 we are looking for new studentmembers for the Study Programma Committee and the Student Representatives.  As a studentmember you will be the link between the educational board and your fellow students: You identify problems concerning the study programma, you evaluate courses and present the opinion of BPS students. If you’ve become enthusiastic about the vacancy, you can apply via the Blackboard page Opleidingscommissie BFW/BPS via the application form. The selection will be based upon your motivation. You can apply for student member of the Study Programme Committee and member of the Student Representatives simultaneously.


The CHDR, Centre for Human Drug Research, is a so-called CRO (Clinical Research Organisation) that is specialized in data intensive, early clinincal studies. Within this company, pharmacodynamic and -kinetic data is generated. The CHDR has three fields of research: the central nerve system, Internal Medicine and Nutraceuticals/Nutrition. It offers an dynamic working place with a unique and open atmosphere, combined with professionality and quality. It is possible to do an internship at the CHDR during your bachelor's as well as during your master's. The internship programme focusses on generating knowledge and learning to work with modern techniques that are used within the CHDR. You will help with an ongoing (clinincal) study that is conducted by a team of professionals. When you want to know more, please contact the CHDR or one of the study advisors.

Naammerk LACDR


The LACDR, Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research, is the research institute that provides a great part of our education. Most of the bachelor students will do their first internship at the LACDR. However, during the master, you can also do your internship at the following clusters:

  • BioTherapeutics
  • Drug Discovery and Safety
  • Systems Pharmacology and Medicine

It is a logical step to do a master internship at the cluster where you did your bachelor internship as well. However, this is not a requirement. When you are doing an internship at the LACDR, you will help with the research of a current PhD-student.

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