Unsubscribing to L.P.S.V. „Aesculapius”

An individual remains a member of L.P.S.V. „Aesculapius” until graduation or notice of termination. When the membership ends exactly, can be found in Article 7 of the Statutes of L.P.S.V. „Aesculapius”.

Unsubscribing to the L.P.S.V. „Aesculapius” can be done by mailing bestuur@aesculapius.nl or sending a letter.

If you graduate, you will remain a member for the association year in which you graduate, after which you're membership will be ended. So if you graduate between June 2023 and May 2024, you will no longer be a member anymore from June 2024.

If you start another study and/or quit Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences or Pharmacy, or for some other reason want to cancel your membership earlier, it is your own responsibility to unsubscribe. You will still pay membership fees for the year in which you deregister. If you have deregistered for the study program you are not automatically deregistered for L.P.S.V. „Aesculapius”.

Unsubscribing for the association year 2023-2024 is no longer possible. For the association year 2024-2025 it is possible to unsubscribe. The association year runs until May 31st, 2024 and deregistration must be done before this date. From June 1st, 2024 you will no longer pay membership fees.

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