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Since 5 June 2012, the new telecom law has been in force. This means that every website is legally obliged to inform its visitors about any cookies and must (implicitly) ask permission for the use of non-functional cookies. The Leidsche Pharmaceutische Studenten-Vereeniging „Aesculapius” website also uses cookies.

A cookie is a quantity of data that a server sends to the browser with the intention of storing this information. During a subsequent visit to our website, the stored data is sent back to the server. In this way, the server recognises the browser and certain data can be retrieved the next time you visit.

On your first visit

The cookies that are stored on your computer and allow you to be recognised when you next visit our website do not contain any personal data. They only contain a (unique) number and therefore cannot be used to identify you personally. In addition, our cookies cannot be used to identify you on third-party websites. The use of cookies by the Leidsche Pharmaceutische Studenten-Vereeniging „Aesculapius” website is limited to keeping web statistics. Based on this information, certain improvements can be made and the website can be adapted to the needs of the visitor. Your data are therefore not used to find out your identity, but only to analyse your visit to our website.

A notification is also displayed at the top of the page that Leidsche Pharmaceutische Studenten-Vereeniging „Aesculapius” uses cookies for statistical and marketing purposes and if you continue to use our website you agree to this. Subsequently, cookies may be used to identify you on third-party websites.

Objection - disabling cookies with marketing purposes

If you object to the placement of cookies with marketing purposes by the Leidsche Pharmaceutische Studenten-Vereeniging „Aesculapius” website, you can disable them by clicking 'Decline cookies' in the displayed notification. Not accepting cookies with marketing purposes has no further consequences for the use of our website.

If you have agreed to the placing of cookies for marketing purposes and wish to revoke this, you can delete the following cookies in your browser settings: 'AllowCookies', 'ShowCookieIcon' and 'ccNoPopup'. On your next visit, the aforementioned message will then be displayed again, after which you can refuse the use of these cookies for marketing purposes.

If you also do not want to receive cookies from the Leidsche Pharmaceutische Studenten-Vereeniging „Aesculapius” for anonymous statistical purposes, you should block them in your browser.

For more information about cookies and how to delete or refuse them, see

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