The Executive Board

„Aesculapius” is the study association for Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences founded in 1885 and has a new executive board every year since then. The executive board gets to lead the Association for a year.

The 135th board of the L.P.S.V. „Aesculapius”, named ‘Empower’ for the year 2020-2021 consists of the following board members:

Emma Eikmans – praeses
Nikita Koster – ab-actis
Luc van Rijn – quaestor
Tessa Goedhart – assessor I
Quinten Sprenkels – assessor II

The executive board has as most important task to keep the Association running. The board is responsible for the business and financial contacts, but also for the committees and a few activities that the board organizes itself.

Because „Aesculapius” is a democratic Association, the members have a say in what happens within the Association. Members can share their opinion with the board during General Assemblies. The board will always try to take the opinions of members into account as much as possible.

The board of „Aesculapius” consists of five people that each have their own tasks. Because „Aesculapius” is the oldest study association in Leiden, there are a lot of old traditions. One of them is still using the Latin designations for the positions of the board.

The praeses (chairman) leads all meetings and is the official spokesperson of the Association. The praeses also organizes the ‘afternoon symposium’ that always takes place at the end of April.

The ab-actis (secretary) takes care of all received and sent mail. He/she is also responsible for the contacts that the association has. These include the honorary members, professors of the institute, people from companies, and members. The ab-actis also takes care of the agenda and year planning, the members- and alumni register, the archive and the organization of the former-board-dinner and the parent’s day.

The quaestor (treasurer) is the third member of the board. He/she is responsible for all the financial business of the association. The quaestor is also the contact for all acquisition.

The assessor I (first commissioner) is, together with the assessor II, responsible for the organization of the foreign excursion. The assessor I also puts articles online and is the contact for Facebook. Furthermore, he/she is mentor of Panacea, the Freshmen Committee of „Aesculapius”.

The assessor II (second commissioner) is responsible for the book sale, providing the assessor I with promotional material and helping the assessor I with the foreign excursion. The assessor II also takes place in the Teaching Department Committee and the Study Committee.

For questions, the board is available at 071-5274601 or Of course, you are always welcome to visit us at our board room (under the dome of the Gorlaeus).

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