The Ensign of the L.P.S.V. “Aesculapius” bearing coat of arms of L.P.S.V. “Aesculapius” is better known as the Pride of Leiden or the Most Beautiful Woman of Leiden. These names do this beautiful lady just about justice. We do not wish to hear other names such as 'flag'.

The Ensign is our most important property. In 1985, the association received its first Ensign from the honorary members, due to the 100th anniversary of the Association. We now have a new Ensign. She was created in 2005 and all this time, she has warmed the hearts of all our members with her beauty.

IJsbrand Eggen

IJsbrand Eggen
h.t. vaendrigh der L.P.S.V. „Aesculapius”

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