The Dutch students’ society has a different structure than most other countries. You could compare it to the structure of fraternities and sororities in the USA, however you don’t live together. Within the study association some members have united in what we call ‘disputen’. These are basically groups of likeminded people whom organize their own activities and have their own apparel to make them stand out. In the case of „Aesculapius”, the ‘disputen’ are separated in men, women and one mixed 'dispuut'. „Aesculapius” has four ‘disputen’:

L.P.H.D. ‘Don Durk’, founded 2005, is for men only.

L.P.H.D. ‘Panoramix’, founded 2011, is also for men only.

L.P.V.D. ‘Aphrodite’, founded 2012, is for women only.

L.P.D. 'Papilarius', founded 2022, is for all members of L.P.S.V. „Aesculapius"

The members of the L.P.H.D. ‘Don Durk’ are known for their orange and white checkered Hemd with matching Lederhosen, going annually to the Oktoberfest in Munich, enjoying good speeches and drinking a lot of beers, preferably per Maß (a pint of a liter).

The members of the L.P.H.D. ‘Panoramix’ are known for their red-white striped ties, their love for beer specialties, eating meat (preferably spareribs) and organizing activities with L.P.V.D. ‘Aphrodite’.

The members of the L.P.V.D. ‘Aphrodite’ are a group of fun girls who meet up twice a month to: have cocktail-nights or drinks at Café de Kroeg, have movie-nights with snacks, go on trips together, organize diners like BBQs (with great weather) or date-diners. You can recognize them by their pretty blue t-shirts, the black sweaters with blue roses or by their loud singing of the Aphrodite-song.

The members of the L.P.D. 'Papilarius' are quite new and is a mixed 'dispuut', meaning they are open to all members of „Aesculapius”. 

There is one other ‘dispuut’ that female members of „Aesculapius” can join. This is the only ‘dispuut’ of the K.N.P.S.V., the Ph.V.D. ‘Hygeia’, founded in 2005. Members of the Ph.V.D. ‘Hygeia’ are known for their pink jackets, their love for pink drinks (such as rosé, Flugel, Troijka Pink), dining together and singing karaoke. 

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