Association documents

Multi-year policy plan

In the board year 2022-2023 a multi-year policy plan (MBP) was revised. The MBP establishes the vision of „Aesculapius” and the multi-year goals of the association, focusing on 'Diversity and Inclusion', 'Sustainability', 'Mental Health', 'Website', 'University' and 'Sponsorship'. The MBP serves as a guide for each board. The multi-year policy plan is reviewed internally each year. The document will be fully reviewed and revised every five years. A survey of all students in the programs the association represents will be conducted in the year prior to this revision.

The MBP can be found here.


The statutes are the ground rules of the association. Among other things, the statutes state who can become a member of „Aesculapius”, the purpose of the association, the composition of the board and much more! The statutes can be viewed on request at 't Hok or through the Chamber of Commerce.

Internal Regulations

The Internal Regulations (HR) is a collection of rules within the
association „Aesculapius”. The HR serves as a support to the statutes. In the HR all our committees are described, the tasks of the different board functions and the rules concerning the disputes of „Aesculapius”.

The HR can be found here.

Registration and deregistration protocol for activities

The registration and deregistration protocol for activities describes the conditions a member must meet in order to deregister from an activity without (financial) consequences. These consequences are also described in the document.

The registration and deregistration protocol for activities can be found here, Illustrative examples of situations can be found here.

Alcohol- and drugsprotocol

During the board year 2018-2019, the alcohol and drug protocol was created. This document describes the regulations surrounding alcohol and drug use during activities of „Aesculapius”. The document can be found here.

Declaration of Equity - Universiteit Leiden

The Declaration of Equity can be found here.

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