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1885 was the year that the 'Leidsche Pharmaceutische Studenten-Vereeniging' (Leiden Pharmaceutical Students’ Association) „Aesculapius”, or „Aesculapius” in short, was founded. Our name, Aesculapius, is the Latin translation of Asclepius, the Greek half-god of medicine and healing. Nowadays, „Aesculapius” is a flourishing association with approximately 1400 members!

The first hundred years, „Aesculapius” was the association for Pharmacy students. Around 1985, the study Pharmacy was abolished in Leiden. Then, partly due to the effort of prof. dr. Douwe Durk Breimer, honorary chairman of „Aesculapius”, the study Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences (BPS) was created. In 2016, we entered a ‘new’ era: the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and the Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research (LACDR) started a new master, the master Pharmacy. Of course, the bachelor Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences also has its own master’s programme BPS. The launch of the master’s programme Pharmacy in Leiden, which makes it possible to study for the profession of pharmacist in Leiden, brings some closure to „Aesculapius” as an association, since this is what it was once founded for. The master’s programme Pharmacy also has the Medische Faculteit der Leidse Studenten (M.F.L.S.) as study association. The pharmacy programme is however given in Dutch, so it is not suitable for international students.


„Aesculapius” stays in close contact with the education office and the institute it is connected to - the LACDR. Next to those contacts, we also keep close contact with our sister assocations: in Groningen with “Pharmaciae Sacrum”, in Amsterdam with the VCSVU and in Utrecht with “Unitas Pharmaceuticorum”. Then there is another association we maintain connections with, namely the Koninklijke Nederlandse Pharmaceutische Studenten Vereniging (K.NP.S.V. or Royal Dutch Pharmaceutical Student Association). This association is our source to the international and European associations.

What does „Aesculapius” have to offer?

„Aesculapius” tries to offer something to every member, regardless of someone's interests. For example, we organise a fair amount of educational activities like excursions (within the Netherlands, but also abroad), lunch lectures and symposia. For those members who mainly enjoy social activities, we have monthly drinks, parties, activities for freshmen en seniors, weekends, barbecues and so on. 

Have you become interested in the activities that „Aesculapius” organizes? For examples, click HERE.

Besides tons of activities, „Aesculapius” offers a lot more. If you are a member, you can get a discount on your study books, for example. In addition, we have an association magazine and a yearly almanak for all of our members.

Do you want to develop yourself extracurricularly? Then apply for one of our committees! Once you are a member of one of the committees, you can improve and broaden your organization skills and make new friends! Do you want more information about our committees? Then click HERE.

If you have any questions about „Aesculapius”, our activities, committees or other topics, visit 't Hok (our board room) or send an email to

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